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Airi’s FC Solo Event

Airi sang three solo songs for her fanclub (Wait, C-ute’s fanclub? Does Airi have her own fanclub? Can I be the president?) and the DVD has just been released! Someone uploaded these at youtube, so enjoy!

Ganbacchae! – I thought the music was a little too loud and I couldn’t hear her too well. I’m not as impressed by this as I was by her performance on Berikyuu, sadly. I still think she sounds great, but I’m kind of getting the feeling that it’s just out of loyalty this time around. She wasn’t very energetic, but it sounds like she’s tired. Do your best, Airi!

Suki ni Naccha Ikenai Hito – I like this! While she’s not exactly singing above her regular standards, she does sound great. However, it still seems like she’s not putting enough emotion into this. 😦

25 ~Vingt Cinq~ – This one was my favorite performance. Maybe I’m just a sucker for ballads? Anyways, I think she sounds great and nailed this one.

Thanks to Hello! C-ute for the links to these videos! You can find all of the C-ute and Berryz Koubou videos there!


What a Nice Outfit

Hectic life + two blogs + lazyness = barely any posts for a while on either Merry Go Round or Tsuugaku Vector. However, do expect an upcoming post about Airi’s FC Solo Event. It should have been up days ago but again, I’m lazy. I totally put everything I want to say on the bottom of the post so that by the time you read it, you’re already happy from the Airi pictures 😀
Anyways, I really love Airi’s hair now. She looks really cute when she has her hair down, in my opinion.

Airi sings Futari wa NS

I don’t really know much about the origin of this, but hooray for Airi singing!

I Want to Buono Airi

I wonder what it says about my personality if I’m still teehee-ing over the stupid title of this post.

I Like That Outfit

Someone’s a Fan of Airi!

The latest Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A asked the girls of Morning Musume, “If you could be in a unit with one other Hello Project member who’s not in Morning Musume, who would you like to be with? (Please give your reasons.)”

Kusumi Koharu’s response was this:
Airi ©
★★ Airi © could sing and I could dance!
I even thought up a name for us (lol)
“Sweet Airi ★ with Boss Koharu!”

I guess this means that even Koharu recognizes that Airi’s an amazing singer! That, or she’s so embarrassed at her own lack of singing skill that she wants to dance instead? Well, Koha, your dance skills aren’t so great either, you know… >_> But still, Sweet Airi * with Boss Koharu would be a pretty interesting unit. It’d be nice to see Airi being completely silly and childish for once, you know? Anyways, just in case you guys were like, “WTF I SUBSCRIBED TO TSUUGAKU JUST TO READ THIS CRAP? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?!”, here’s some Airi-spam!

She looks a bit serious in those concert pictures! I wonder what song she was going to sing. Maybe she was nervous?

Airi’s Outfit from the Buono! Days DVD