The History/Future of the Airi Obsession

I figured I’d write this kind of a post eventually. How did I start liking Airi? Why do I like Airi? Weeell, I’ve mentioned before that I got into H!P with Kirarin Revolution. Yes, yes, we all know that. But, when did Airi start to catch my attention?

When I first got into H!P, it was because I randomly youtubed Ookina Ai de Motenashite. I came across AmerikaJinMusume’s dance of it and she also happens to dance Massara Blue Jeans, so I had to look that song up, too! And, in that first view, Airi already caught my attention! Her really high notes in the song were what made me go “Whoaaa who said that!?” and I had to rewind and watch again.

picture-11 picture-2

I didn’t bother downloading this PV so the screencaps came from the YouTube video. D:

The first time I saw Airi, I actually paid particular attention to her because her hair reminded me of my friends, who recently cut her hair. They don’t really look similar, but her hair just made me notice her more. Anyways, Airi’s voice was an immediate hook for me (I’m a sucker for high voices >_>) and when she did that peeping-out-behind-the-jeans shot, I thought it was ridiculously cute (pictured in the second screencap).

But, at that time, I still didn’t even know who she was! Sure, I sort of liked her and if anyone asked me at that time who my favorite C-ute member was, I would say Airi, but I don’t think I even knew her name back then! This was way back when I was just getting into jpop, so I didn’t even know about thePPN or Hello!Online, so I couldn’t look her up! I just kept watching videos of C-ute and eventually I picked up in the video comments that her name was Suzuki Airi. Even after watching tons of C-ute videos, I wasn’t tired of Airi at all! In fact, when Tokaikko Junjou came out, I was still not completely familiar with C-ute, so I was going all OMGAIRIOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! over that video.

So that’s how the Airi-love grew. But why do I like Airi now? Aren’t there tons of other girls in H!P that I’ve gotten to know since then? Well, she has a wonderful voice that I would never get tired of listening to. She’s ridiculously cute/beautiful, and that’s obvious from the huge amount of pictures on here and the fact that she has three photobooks. She’s a dork (KAPPA!) and she acts really silly at times (Airi’s CLASSIC shows that) but sometimes the way she acts shows that she’s mature, too.

This is a subbed video of her FC solo event. When the announcer dude interviews her, her answers are really nice. One of the questions that stuck out to me went something like “Who’s your rival?” and Airi said, “I don’t think about being better than anyone else. My rival is myself.” I think that’s a really nice answer, since she could have just gone and said practically anyone’s name, but she chose herself. It’s a nice way of thinking and it shows that she actually put thought into the answer.

But, Amy, there are tons of good singers in H!P that are also good looking and have nice personalities. What’s separating Airi from them?

To be honest, I can’t really say. I love Airi for all those things even though there are tons of girls who have those qualities. I can’t really explain it, but she has something about her that’s different. Even if you say a girl has a nice voice, there are different types of nice voices. I like Airi’s type of voice. I like the way she looks, with short or long hair. And I can’t really imagine anyone besides Airi getting into a Kappa suit and waddling around.

Am I going to like Airi forever? Am I ever going to somehow change my mind and decide that I like someone else more? At this time, I want to say absolutely not! but there isn’t really a way of knowing. I’ve loved her since the beginning of my H!P discovery, and I haven’t gotten tired of her yet. Do I have other girls that I also favor? Yes, but not as much as Airi. She’s got a bright future ahead of her as a lead singer of C-ute and a member of Buono!. She’s very popular, of course, so I will see tons of videos and pictures of her for years to come. So, yes, Airi-love-levels will remain high for a long, long time.

Now for those of you who didn’t even bother reading all that, SHAME ON YOU! I should be all angry, but I need to keep my readers happy! Here’s some Airi picspam from her first photobook!


3 Responses to “The History/Future of the Airi Obsession”

  1. 1 hellgirl December 28, 2008 at 5:10 am

    lol! i have that airi obsession too! she’s just way too cute than anyone else in H!P!….i simply adore her! hahahaha…i’ll never be tired of her, well for now…..pls. email me would really mean alot

  2. 2 endlessjoy May 15, 2009 at 4:34 am

    same here.. i’m watching her videos on youtube (like everyday) and i was like “awww.. airi you’re always cute… ^w^”

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