Airi released a DVD called Airi’s CLASSIC a while ago that I was in love with, but never posted on. It’s basically just her playing 18 holes of mini-golf, which many found boring. I, personally, loved the whole DVD, but I guess it’s hard for non-Airi-fans to see the greatness that is one whole hour of Airi playing around. Here are some (read: WTF TOO MANY) screencaps that I took from the DVD. Some notes:

  • There are 57 caps, and I only capped the first 20 minutes. She’s just so darn cute that I couldn’t resist. 😐
  • It’s even cuter when you watch it, since she says some pretty strange stuff and sings Tsuugaku Vector at one point (<33333333).
  • It was hard to get caps because she kind of moved around a lot.
  • I love Airi.
  • I should learn how to make gifs, because there were some very sweet moments that I couldn’t really show in one shot.
  • If anyone has Airi’s solo DVD from the 2006 Sports Festival, I will perform sexual favors if you upload it or give me a download link for it. (EDIT: I LOVE MINT FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER.)
  • Is it proper to say “I will give you sexual favors” or “I will perform sexual favors”? Hmm, that’s an awkward sentence!
  • But I digress. Here are the Airi caps after the jump! I also linked a stream and download for the video so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO WATCH IT.

Download/Watch: Hello!Online | Veoh

EDIT EDIT: I also made a new poll! Here you go! 😀


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